What Does Seeing 3 Crows
(Or Ravens) Really Mean?

Did you recently see a crow and were left wondering what it means? Read ahead to find out what seeing crows generally means.

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July 18, 2021

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If you have ever encountered a crow that continually attracts your attention, you might have undoubtedly pondered if that indicated anything. Crow symbolism in myths and legends and what we know from contemporary scientific research demonstrates that crows are bright, wise birds with a lot to teach us.

These versatile birds can walk, swim, and fly and have complete access to the world and all of its resources. As a result, seeing a crow has a link to everlasting life and the spiritual realm. This link varies according to where you saw the bird, how many you saw, and what religion or culture you believe.

Crows and ravens have both been depicted in many myths across history. These black-feathered creatures are said to be an omen of bad news in certain situations, but they might also be a heavenly signal in others. Seeing three crows signifies joy or celebrations coming into your life.


How to tell a Crow from or Raven?

Ravens and crows are blackbirds that are members of the same family (Corvidae), with similar characteristics, but they're not identical.

While these birds appear to be the same while flying high, they are pretty distinct. Crows make a consistent caw sound, but ravens make a louder, throatier screeching noise. If you look closely at this bird, you’ll notice that ravens have fluffier plumage around their face and, in particular, near their neck.


did you know?

Ravens have more in common with hawks than they do with smaller-sized crows

Regardless of the differences, crows and ravens are frequently used interchangeably in animal symbolism. Both have the characteristics that are associated with anticipating the future, implying foresight and prophetic visions. They’re also curious and perceptive, which goes hand in hand with foresight.

Crow Symbolism

Crows are believed to be capable of foreseeing future events. The crow is a transformational spirit animal. They can provide you valuable information about your existing and future circumstances. They’re also thought to be an emblem of the need for change.


The symbolism differs slightly as per the color of the crow. The white crow denotes that your previous karma is about to pay off in a significant manner. Your reward or punishment will be based on how you performed.

On the other hand, as mentioned previously, the black crow symbolizes internal transformations and progress. The bird’s black hue represents the gloomy days that are about to end and the arrival of bright, better days.

Number of Crow Sightings and More


If a particular species repeatedly appears in your life, pay attention to it since it might be a spiritual indication. If you encounter these black-feathered birds frequently, it’s a sign that the universe is trying to communicate with you.

In certain instances, the symbolism extends to more than just the sighting of crows or ravens. The number of crows or ravens you see is more significant and carries different meanings. Here are a few examples:

Seeing Three Crows


When a trio of crows appears, plan for a special event as they indicate a wedding, festivity, or the arrival of a newborn baby on the way. In any scenario, your life will be full of joy and fullness.

Its cawing is said to communicate a message in many traditions. It can caw to you for a variety of reasons, both positive and negative. When three crows caw together, it means you’ll be rewarded with excellent health.

Three crows are also seen in modern times, except the implication is very different. Three crows is a term used by stock market traders to describe a trend of successively decreasing stock prices over three days, frequently characterized by repeating candlestick formations.

Three crows are commonly interpreted as a sign that the stock market is about to enter a period of intense selling pressure.

Seeing One Crow


Like there are meanings behind seeing three crows, you will also find implications on the sight of less or more than three crows. If you notice one crow getting too close to you, it might be carrying a message from a loved one who passed away recently.

It might also just mean bad luck in general or a catastrophe coming your way. Remember that crows are animals that love company, and seeing an isolated crow is unusual. So when one crow shows up and starts cawing continuously, it is said to be a bad omen.

Seeing Two Crows


A single crow might signal calamity, but a pair can be a blessing in disguise. Two crows indicate that a significant shift in your life will occur positively and joyfully. To put it another way, they bring good fortune with them. So keep a lookout for this one.

Seeing More Than Three Crows


The sight of four crows denotes wealth and success. If you see five crows in a row, it might indicate illness or discomfort. Seeing six crows is again a bad omen as it denotes a break-in at your home. The number seven signifies travel or departure from one’s home. The number eight represents tragic events in general.

Nine crows represent love and positive recognition. If you see ten crows, you can expect a complete turnaround in your luck. As difficult to count as it may be, if eleven crows appear before you, that is a piece of news or surprise waiting to be unraveled.

Seeing a Crow in a Dream

Dreams usually represent a part of our subconscious mind. However, when you dream about a raven or a crow, it can have specific implications. Surprisingly, dreaming about a crow has positive meanings in most cases.

Flying Crow


If you dream about a raven flying, you should disclose sentiments buried deep within your subconscious. It’s essential to bring these thoughts and feelings to the surface and share them with the public. It can also mean you should chase your dreams.

Crow Following You


If you have had a dream about a crow observing you or following you, your dream has a good connotation. It indicates that you will soon see favorable improvements in your life. Many things will change for the better, and you will be pretty satisfied and happy.

Crow Having a Meal


You may also have a dream which shows a crow eating. This dream is a positive omen, indicating that you will achieve great success in the future. You may be putting in long hours and striving for your aspirations. In the coming days, you will have a great deal of luck and achieve all of your objectives.

Dead Crow

On the other hand, dreaming of a dead crow indicates that terrible times have passed and that happier times are on the way. It implies that you have escaped from a past crisis and are now relieved. Similarly, if your dream shows that you are destroying a crow, you eliminate the negativity within you.


Some Other Meanings of Seeing Crows in Dreams


Bird dreams have a profound, religious significance. As we’ve seen, crows have diverse connotations in different civilizations. Here is a collection of other meanings connected with crows in dreams:

  • If a crow bites you in your dream, it means you have unresolved anger issues.
  • If you see the eye of a crow in your dream, it means your relationship is based only on physical attractiveness.
  • Dreaming about a crow eating meat indicates that your ancestors’ spirits are guarding you.
  • A crow landing on your head denotes that your family is dissatisfied with you.
  • A dream involving trying to feed a crow indicates a deep desire to help those in need.
  • A crow on fire represents the end of your troubles and the beginning of new chances.
  • Dreaming about a baby crow suggests that you will make money.

Seeing a Dead Crow

If the crow has bad associations when living, it's only natural that its death has a positive connotation.


Contrary to what you may expect, seeing a dead crow is considered better than seeing an alive one. When they are alive, crows are often linked with death and misery. However, a dead crow symbolizes great news and positive transformation to people who encounter it.

The explanation behind this is simple and can be understood with the example of a dove. A dove represents peace, and the death of such a bird would mean bad luck. On the other hand, if a bird like a crow dies, it will indicate a good turn of events.

The location is another aspect that alters the meaning of witnessing a dead bird. Here are a few examples:

  • If a dead bird lands on your porch or in your yard, you should be prepared for change, whether you like it or not. It is preferable to alter your behaviors rather than oppose them.
  • If it collides against your window, you’re up against a challenge that must be overcome or eliminated.
  • If it enters your home, you must look within since the transformation is occurring within you.
  • If you see a dead crow in the road, good luck awaits you.

Crow significance in different cultures

The significance attached to crows does not only vary as per location or number but also cultures. In many cultures, these incredible animals have a long and glorious history, making them regard the crows differently.

Native American Culture


Crows have always been represented as knowledgeable creatures by Native Americans. A common tale in Northern American cultures is about how clever crows sent fire down from the skies. There are indications of it being a troublemaker who creates chaos.

The Native Americans respected crow clans. They were creatures who cleaned both the earth and the mind, according to them. Crows have traditionally been depicted as clever birds in their folklore. In times of crisis, Native American tribes turned to the crows for guidance. Crows’ motions and positions were studied to anticipate answers to real-life problems.

Here are examples of some other different cultural associations:

  • Catholics consider it to be a sign of death and misfortune.
  • Japanese respect them as God’s messengers.
  • While practicing witchcraft, Shamans utilized crows as spiritual creatures.
  • When someone is negotiating a bargain, the Chinese consider the cawing of a crow a bad omen.
  • Even though a crow is Lord Shani’s chariot in Hindu mythology, it is still associated with darkness.

Superstition around crows

A group of crows is termed as 'murder'. The origin of this word has numerous alternative theories, most of which are centered on ancient folk stories and superstitions.


In horror films, crows are frequently utilized as a cliché to imply that awful things are going to happen, especially to people who have just seen them. You may be wondering where this association stems from? Is it just because the animal has a dark appearance that it is related to darkness in general?

Being opportunistic feeders, they eat with other carnivorous predators such as vultures and eagles occasionally, traveling anywhere death has happened searching for food. As a result, crows are frequently depicted as forerunners of disaster.

They are incredibly clever and friendly creatures who, like carnivores and omnivores, must be ready to consume almost everything to live in the wilderness. Crows and death have a symbolic and spiritual meaning that more closely resembles opportunities and transformation if you think about it.

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Crows are often associated with good concepts such as chance, fate, intellect, bravery, charisma, adaptation, and negative connotations like manipulations and trouble. These associations vary significantly according to different traditions and cultures.

Surprisingly, the implications change depending upon how many crows or ravens you see as well. While one crow signifies a bad omen, two expresses good luck and seeing three signifies celebration.

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By David A. Swanson

Bird Watching USA

My name is David and I'm the the founder of Bird Watching USA! I started Bird Watching with My father-in-law many years ago, and I've become an addict to watching these beautiful creatures. I've learnt so much over about bird watching over the years that I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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David A. Swanson Picture

David A. Swanson

Bird Watching USA

My name is David and I'm the the founder of Bird Watching USA! I started Bird Watching with My father-in-law many years ago, and I've become an addict to watching these beautiful creatures. I've learnt so much over about bird watching over the years that I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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