Seen A Bluebird? This Is What It
Means In 6 Cultures

If you've been seeing a lot of bluebirds and are curious why you keep coming across them, then you'll find out all possible meanings in this blog.

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October 24, 2021

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What’s This Post About?

The bluebird is a really incredible sight. It has beautiful blue feathers, and its singing is pleasurable. These birds may not be well known in the wildlife world, but they have a powerful spiritual connotation in different cultures.

Connotations and symbolism are often driven by how animals look – their size, shape, and, most importantly, colors. It is, therefore, no surprise that this tiny bluebird would represent anything other than calmness, peace, and happiness.

In many cultures, the bluebird is a sign of joy, such as in Russia, where it signifies hope, and in China’s Shang Dynasty, it is known as a harbinger of wisdom. In addition, some Native Americans believe the bluebird represents the beginning of a new day.


Cultural Interpretations

Bluebirds are associated with love and happiness; their sighting is associated with spreading joy wherever they go.


Bluebirds are a symbol of tune and passion since they have lovely voices. They keep bad energy at bay. These birds manage to chirp joyfully even in the worst temperatures or when there is a shortage of food.

It’s a symbol that you should never lose hope, even when things seem impossible. Bluebirds are representative of serenity and satisfaction.

These are generic symbolisms derived from the bird’s behavior and coloration. However, different cultures have their own way of interpreting the sighting of this bird.

Read to find out about the views of 6 cultures about the sighting of a bluebird.

Bluebird Meaning In Christianity


Bluebirds have religious meaning in Christianity. They’re said to be angels descending the Earth disguised as messengers from the kingdom of the Gods. These creatures are thought to be sent down by our divine beings to carry critical messages for all of us.

Thus, when you see a bluebird in front, open your hearts to their soul and listen to their songs. This will enable them to share the knowledge they’ve been sent down with. Furthermore, it is said that these heavenly birds are there to protect us or give us company when we are alone.

While listening to the bluebird’s melody, think about everything that bothers you. You should be able to identify the bird’s meaning in your own way. The information you’ll hear will be critical, and it will have the potential to change your lifestyle in several aspects.

Bluebird Meaning In Native American Culture


Earth and all of its gifts to humans, including wildlife species, were revered by the Native Americans. When you start looking into the mythologies and folktales of various Native American tribes, you’ll see that they’re packed with references to different birds and animals.

Different Native American tribes have their distinct interpretations and tales about the bluebird. Here are a few of them:

The Pima

The Pima, once known as the “River People,” are a tribe of Native Americans who live in Arizona’s central and southern regions. The bluebird is seen as a sign of progress and change by members of this tribe.

There is a common myth about an ugly bird that discovered a secluded lake one day. Some people believed that the lake could change them into their finest selves, whereas others said its water was toxic.

She bravely soared directly into the lake, oblivious to the repercussions. The spirit of the lake was taken aback by the bird’s bravery and changed her into a gorgeous bluebird. Some versions of the tale suggest that the bird did not change, but her perception of herself did. She was able to embrace her flaws.

The Cochiti

Bluebirds were thought to be strongly related to the sun by the Cochiti tribe. This is because these birds awoke the tribe’s inhabitants early every morning so they could see the splendor of the rising sun. There are other legends regarding two bluebirds being responsible for the rainbow’s formation.

The Iroquois and Navajo Tribes

Bluebirds represent great luck, fertility, and wealth to the Navajo and Iroquois nations. These species were frequently spotted in the spring and were thus connected with new experiences and expansion.


These tribes thought that the bluebirds frightened away the winter gods.

Bluebird Meaning In Korean Culture


The Koreans, like the Christians, regard bluebirds as celestial messengers. They think that these tiny birds are God’s messengers, dispatched to inform Him of the events of our planet. He uses these birds as His small communicators since He is too occupied to descend and regularly check on us himself.

Furthermore, if you have lost a family member, these birds might offer you signals from the other side from your deceased loved one.

Bluebird Meaning In Chinese Culture


In China, bluebirds have two different interpretations. The first symbolism is linked to Xi Wangmu, the West’s monarch Goddess. Xi Wangmu was said to be the guardian of widows, nuns, and priestesses. If a bluebird continuously followed a girl, it was assumed that the girl was under Xi Wangmu’s supervision.

The second originated from the Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 BC), which regarded these birds as symbols of knowledge and insight.

Japanese Culture


In Japan, seeing this adorable bird is said to bring blessings, so if you’re having problems finding true love, they advise you to keep on to your desires and see them through.

On the other hand, some people who have studied Japanese mythology think that dreaming about the bluebird foreshadows impending disasters or issues that are just waiting to arise.

Bluebird Meaning In Celtic Culture


The bluebird was a favorite of the Celts, who were renowned for their fondness of birds. The meaning of the bluebird varied based on its color; a black-headed bluebird represented death, but a white-faced bluebird represented serenity.

“Bluebirds will arrive in America when there is peace,” according to an old Celtic prophecy. This came true in 1857, when a ship titled “The Blue Bird” arrived from France, bringing immigrants at a period of relative quiet in Ireland, allowing them to all return home after many years away.

The bluebird is also a sign of security from Dark Spirits in Celtic tradition, thus witnessing these species implies nothing terrible will happen as long as they’re there.  The more bluebirds one sees in their dreams, the better!

Different Ways To Encounter A Bluebird

You can see bluebirds from different angles, timing, and at different places. The bird can be seen flying or resting in a tree. The bird can be at your window sill, fly into your home or maybe leave a feather behind. Each of these can be interpreted differently.

If you find a bluebird feather in your home, it means that you always had the answer to all of your issues, but you managed to ignore it. You should attempt to look at everything from a different angle to see if you can come up with something different.

If you see a bluebird sitting on a tree, but it goes away as soon as it notices you, it means you don’t value what you have sufficient and are always looking for something more significant and better.

However, if you aren’t appreciative of what you have, you may find yourself losing everything.

In addition, if you’ve been having work-related or relationship problems in recent months, the appearance of a bluebird is a sign that your concerns are coming to an end. The bluebird’s spirit has come to take away your pain and gift you with serenity and tranquility.

Bluebird Tattoo Animal

The bluebird is a sign of good fortune and purity. For the most part, it is a popular oceanic design. The mythical and symbolic significance of the bluebird tattoo meaning is generally connected with success, joy, the onset of springtime, or good fortune.

The bird’s gorgeous blue also symbolizes eternal bliss and reminds the viewer of the vastness of the sky.

Bluebird Totem Animal


When the bluebird totem appears in your life, it means you’re about to give up all that makes you happy to accomplish something. Their totem is here to remind you that pleasure should always come first and that achieving any objective or goal is a cost too great to bear.

If you give up your happiness, no matter how significant your accomplishments are, you will live a life devoid of joy, defeating the whole purpose of living a fulfilling life.

The bluebird totem appears as a reminder if you are fortunate but are afraid to share your money with your relatives in their times of need. It reminds you that the secret to success is to distribute what you have with others. Unwilling to help others will result in making you unhappy eventually.

Having a bluebird totem suggests you enjoy having a cozy home where everyone feels at ease. You like being in the company of people. Individuals that reciprocate your invitation are often people you trust, depend on, and like spending time with.

A person with a bluebird totem is also incredibly passionate and loyal. They send forth messages and energies that help them find their soul partner.

They tend to create a family as soon as they locate their life spouse. They, like the bluebird, are very defensive of their home and will not allow anyone to disturb their loving harmony.

Bluebirds In Dreams

The bluebird's appearance is a positive omen. But, unfortunately, it does not come to everyone, but only to those whom the angels have chosen.

A bluebird visiting you in your dreams can have several connotations.  These birds are known for being celestial messengers on Earth, and they always have a spiritual significance when they come in your dreams. Here are a few examples:

Bluebird Eating A Worm


The dream of a bluebird eating a worm has a positive meaning. A dream like this indicates that you are soon to achieve great success in your work life.

Conversing With A Bluebird

Dreaming of a bluebird conversing with you represents your loneliness. This type of dream means that you may have just ended a marriage or relationship.

Dead Bluebird


If you see a dead bluebird in your dream, it means you will have to do something awful soon.

Flock Of Bluebirds

If you observe a flock of bluebirds in your dream, it means you’ll soon get the chance to see all of your relatives in one place, such as a wedding or a family event. Likewise, if the flock of birds is flying about in the sky, it’s an indication that you’ll have a great time at the said event or gathering.

Sleeping Bluebird

Dreaming about a sleeping bluebird indicates that you have a propensity of continually comparing yourself to others, and this behavior has severely harmed your personality. Therefore, your dream is a warning that you should be gentler with yourself.


Keep Reading!

While the majority of the birds represent freedom, bluebirds represent stability. These birds don’t want to see the globe; instead, they want to spend all their time living in one area.

While different cultures have different traditions and origins for their folklore, most of them suggest that a bluebird is a harbinger of good fortune and wisdom!

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By David A. Swanson

Bird Watching USA

My name is David and I'm the the founder of Bird Watching USA! I started Bird Watching with My father-in-law many years ago, and I've become an addict to watching these beautiful creatures. I've learnt so much over about bird watching over the years that I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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David A. Swanson

Bird Watching USA

My name is David and I'm the the founder of Bird Watching USA! I started Bird Watching with My father-in-law many years ago, and I've become an addict to watching these beautiful creatures. I've learnt so much over about bird watching over the years that I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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