The Rare Albino Pigeon!
6 Amazing Images And 14 FAQs

Want to know how a Rare Albino looks and what characteristics do they have? Read this post to find out more!

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July 25, 2021

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What’s This Post About?

One of the rarest species of nature, Albino pigeons are incredibly rare, not frequenting you with their charming presence all the time.

Though all creations of nature are astoundingly unique, there is something immensely striking about these white clusters of feathers that often leave birdwatchers mesmerized.

This blog post explores everything about the rare Albino Pigeons, answering some frequently asked questions about their habitat, diet, body structure, and more. By reading this post, you will discover things that you didn’t know about these adorable birds before.

Albino pigeons have a white plumage covering their bodies. The albinism in these pigeons may be of various degrees. Albinism in pigeons occurs when there is an absence or lack of melanin, due to which they turn white.


All About Albino Pigeons

Do you have some questions about albino pigeons? If so, keep reading this post to understand better why albino pigeons are far more different than regular pigeons.

1. What’s The Difference Between an Albino Pigeon and A Dove?


Compared with a Dove, Albino Pigeons are bigger in size than them. This is because doves are small birds when compared to the likes of Albino Pigeons, who are relatively robust.

The second and most important difference between a dove and an albino pigeon is the difference in their tails. Doves have pointed tails, but Albino Pigeons have fan-shaped tails.

Doves prefer isolation during their breeding period, whereas pigeons always breed in a group, making it easy for them to manage. The difference in their eyes is another distinction; Albino Pigeons have pinkish eyes, and Doves have brown eyes.

The difference in eye color is a significant factor that can help you distinguish between them.

2. What do Albino Pigeons Look Like?


Pigeons that are pure white and have pink-colored eyes are the Albino Pigeons. Their plumage is entirely white, which makes them more susceptible to predators, increasing their chances of having a shorter life span.

Even if Albino Pigeons try and hide themselves, it becomes difficult because of their sharp appearance, making them an easy target.

3. Do Albino Pigeons Survive?

It is hard for Albino Pigeons to survive for longer periods. This is because they have weak feathers due to the absence of melanin in their body.

Another factor that becomes a hindrance to their survival is their eyesight. Albino pigeons have poor vision. The weak eyesight makes it difficult for them to travel long distances and keep a lookout for lurking predators.

4. What is the Lifespan of an Albino Pigeon?

An Albino Pigeon can live up to 15 years in captivity. If an Albino Pigeon doesn’t get their desired habitat, it will die within 4-5 years in the wild.

The primary reason for this is that they are well fed and looked after in captivity and barely face any threats from predators.

5. Where Does an Albino Pigeon Make its Nest?

The nest of an Albino Pigeon is usually under a cover. They usually make their nests on a window with a shadow or a place with a little bit of cover. This gives them a safe and secure feeling to live there.

An Albino Pigeon only makes a nest where they are comfortable, and it is easy for them to lay eggs.

6. What Does an Albino Pigeon Symbolize?

Peace, love, and honor are traits that an Albino Pigeon symbolizes. In addition, they are known as loyal and honest mates who stay with their partner till their last breath.

Pigeons are always against war and violence; they are also known as the messengers of God.

Other than these symbolic traits, they are also known to bring good luck, healing, happiness, and divination.

7. What Do Albino Baby Pigeons Look Like?

Looking at an Albino baby pigeon right after they hatch out of their eggs is not a beautiful sight. Like regular pigeons, they are born naked, blind, and very helpless at the time of their birth. The eyes of a baby pigeon always remain closed, and they only open it for a little time.

Baby pigeons have a broad shape. They are pink and white. After some time, the body of a baby pigeon gets covered with feathers. But still, they are not strong enough to start flying right away. Given the Albino Pigeon’s health, it leaves its nest rather late.


Pigeons spend a very long period in their nests. This is because, after birth, they are not strong enough to fly. However, over time, they mature and are then ready to fly.

8. Do Albino Pigeons Have Feelings?


Albino Pigeons, just like regular pigeons, have the same feelings and emotions. Pigeons also have human-like feelings. They can sense emotions. Pigeons can feel grief, sadness, and happiness. Moreover, pigeons can also feel love.

This makes them loyal and honest with their partners. Therefore, pigeons are very faithful birds. A female pigeon also gets sad and grieves if her baby dies. They show their sadness and grief by staying close to the dead body of their baby.

Read this post to learn more about pigeons and to understand whether pigeons have feelings or not.

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Pigeons are intelligent birds. Even if they are sleeping, they can sense danger.

9. Why Are Albino Pigeons Not Often Seen?

Albino pigeons are very rare. Their rarity is because of their poor eyesight, due to which they are likely to stay at a single place. Often because of this reason, they are not seen.


Pigeons show excitement and affection by flapping their wings, so you will always know when they are happy to see you.

10. Why are Albino Pigeons So Rare?


The problem of Albinism in Albino Pigeons makes their survival very hard, due to which Albino Pigeons are very rare. Also, the wings of the albino Pigeons are not strong enough to make them fly quickly.

Their rarity can also be due to the fact that they are quickly hunted down by predators because of their white plumage, making them easy to spot.

11. How Much is An Albino Pigeon Worth?

An Albino Pigeon is worth approximately $1.4 million. This hefty price tag is attached to them because of their intelligence and beauty.

Albino Pigeons are considered beautiful white creatures that are rare to find. The reason for their high cost is also because of their racing capability since often, they are trained for races in multiple countries across the globe.

12. Do Albino Pigeons Lay Eggs?

Typically, a pigeon lays around 2-3 eggs at a time. The eggs of a pigeon hatch after 18 days. Albino pigeon’s eggs are no different. But sometimes, albino pigeons do have a hard time looking for a suitable mate.

Pigeons build flimsy nests, but they don’t put in much effort since they do it in empty spaces and cavities inside buildings. They compile a bunch of straws, put them together, and lay eggs on them.

13. Do Albino Pigeons Have 360° Vision?


Although albino pigeons are rare, they possess unique physical traits. Despite being known to have weaker eyesight in comparison to regular pigeons, however, they still have 360° vision. Therefore, whatever they see, they see it faster than humans.

This is one of the characteristics that make them unique and different, but it also comes with a price since they have a hard time looking out for danger and protect themselves. Pigeons are already vulnerable to predators; albinism adds to the risk of being preyed upon.

14. Can Albino Pigeons Swim?

If you ever see a rare Albino Pigeon falling into a lake of water, then save them immediately. If you do not act fast, they may drown. Pigeons do not have webbed feet, so they cannot swim. They can float in water, but they cannot swim.


An Albino Pigeon swimming in a lake may resemble a duck to many new birdwatchers, but if you happen to spot one, try to rescue it immediately since they do not prefer to be in the water.


Keep Reading!

The beautiful white color plumage and the color of their eyes make Albino Pigeons unique and different. This post discussed in great length what Albino Pigeons look like, how they function, and how they are different from other pigeons.

The Albino Pigeons lack color on their body due to a lack of melanin pigment. This genetic abnormality affects not only the morphological characteristics of the bird but also its health, weakening its feathers and eyesight.

They face a lot of trouble surviving in the wild as they are highly susceptible to predators and become their vulnerable target.

If you admire the sight of pigeons and wish to read more about them, here’s an interesting post you can read to identify whether pigeons can swim or not.

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By David A. Swanson

Bird Watching USA

My name is David and I'm the the founder of Bird Watching USA! I started Bird Watching with My father-in-law many years ago, and I've become an addict to watching these beautiful creatures. I've learnt so much over about bird watching over the years that I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Bird Watching USA

My name is David and I'm the the founder of Bird Watching USA! I started Bird Watching with My father-in-law many years ago, and I've become an addict to watching these beautiful creatures. I've learnt so much over about bird watching over the years that I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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