The Rare Albino Crow!
5 Amazing Images and 13 FAQs

Are you wondering about what Albino Crows are and how do they look? Read this blog to find out about them.

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July 25, 2021

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What’s This Post About?

Albino Crows are one of the most beautiful and attractive birds in the world. They are widely known for their rarity and intelligence. Albino crows have pink feet and beaks. Their beauty aside, the survivability of an Albino Crow can severely be affected by Albinism.

The Albino Crows are rare, and to some extent, they are often considered extinct. However, if you happen to come across one, consider yourself lucky. The Albino Crows have a pigmentation problem called ‘Albinism’ in their body, due to which they are white.

Albino Crows are mostly found in the Southern parts of United States. They are rare and not common because a very less number of crows experience the gene mutation problem. The white color of the Albino Crow may, however, also be due to hormonal deficiency.

The Albino Crows are rare. They cannot be spotted easily, mainly because they travel in flocks, but you might spot one in a murder of crows. Unlike crows, Albino Crows are entirely or somewhat white because of Albinism, a genetic mutation that stops melanin production in the body.


All You Need To Know About Albino Crows

Albino Crows are not as common as their parents, with the recessive gene responsible for Albinism in their offspring. Unlike other crows, Albino Crows have white feathers, pale white bill, and pink eyes and feet.

Not everyone is lucky enough to come across this rare bird, but it is a sight to behold if you do end up spotting one.


The albino crows have streamlined bodies and resemble doves a great deal, so there’s a high probability that you might confuse an Albino Crow for a dove.

1. What Does an Albino Crow Look Like?

Albino crow is almost the same size as a regular crow, 16—20 inches (40–50 cm) but has a white plumage instead. Since the crow is covered in white feathers all over, the Albino Crow lacks any prominent markings and streaks. They are just plain white.

An Albino Crow may also be called Leucistic; this signifies the absence of albumin, or there are chances that the crows may be partially albumin.

The lack of pigmentation is what causes the white tuft of feathers from beak to its tail, giving it a distinct appearance that makes it stand out among the murder of crows.

What’s interesting is that these crows lack pigment in every part of their body, having relatively pale feet and beaks. Their pink eyes are their most unique and prominent feature.


An Albino Crow's plumage makes it vulnerable to predators and other dangers.

2. What Causes White Coloration of Albino Crows?


Albino Crows have a genetic condition that results in the absence of color-producing pigment called melanin.

With this mutation, birds are unable to produce the pigment that gives their feathers color. This is so because there is a lack of the enzyme called tyrosinase which causes the bird to have unpigmented skin and snowy plumage.

Other times crows suffer from partial Albinism— also known as leucism. This can be seen in white crows that have black eyes instead of pink. The one feature that makes an Albino Crow different than those leucistic ones is the color of its eyes.

3. Where do Albino Crows Sleep?

Just like ordinary crows, Albino Crows tend to sleep on trees and other higher sites that provide them with a sense of security and protection. In addition, they usually sleep together in groups which is also referred to as communal roosting.

They take shelter where they feel safer. However, it isn’t any different from a crow’s usual behavior. Although Albino Crows are far more vulnerable to predators, they still exhibit the same habits as regular crows.

Crows in a murder are often seen avoiding Albino Crows mainly because they are aware that they look different. Although they do tend to stick together, crows still avoid them when an Albino Crow approaches.

4. Why Do We Never See Baby Albino Crows?

You will never see baby Albino Crows or any other regular baby crow because baby crows do not leave their nests till they develop wings and are capable of flying, finding food for themselves without having to rely on their parents.

In the early stages of life, Albino Crows stay with their parents. They move out of their nest after growing up fully. Since Albino Crows are wild birds, it is not recommended to hold them captive just to see how their young ones look.

Further, baby Albino Crows, just like regular crows, hardly open their eyes. Therefore, they are unaware of their surroundings till they grow, and if you happen to spot one, it is not considered a good sign.


If you happen to come across a baby crow or an albino baby crow, handle it with utmost care and take it to the nearby animal rehabilitation center so you can hand it over to experts to look after it.

5. What’s an Albino Crows Diet like?

Albino Crows are, in every sense and aspect of their being, similar to ordinary crows. Their diet is both plant-based as well as animal-based. They are solo foragers who tend to go about their eating routine with a flock and can eat just about anything.

Giving an albino crow their favorite food is the best way to attract them. These are omnivore creatures, and they love eating.

Eggs, meat, fruits, and vegetables are healthy options that can be given to them. An Albino Crow can also eat small animals like insects and worms. Other than these, unsalted peanuts and unsalted popcorn are among their favorite foods.


Albino Crows remember kindness. They are friendly to humans and are not afraid of them.

6. When Do Albino Crows Begin Nesting?

Since Albinos are subordinate to other crows, they are less likely to find a suitable mate. However, if they end up finding one, which could be a possibility considering how they are fully capable of mating and breeding, then they would build nests like how usual crows do.

In the season of spring, crows begin to nest. Crow’s nest around the month of mid-March and April. They build their nest larger and higher to keep it safe from all kinds of danger weeks before they lay eggs.


An Albino Crow symbolizes honesty.

7. What Does An Albino Crow Symbolize?

An Albino Crow symbolizes a blessing or a good omen. It is also a symbol of cleansing. Whenever an Albino Crow is seen, it is considered to explore new opportunities and chances in life with a clear vision.

It was once a myth that if you ever see an Albino Crow, it is a sign to clean yourself from all the bad that you may have done. For this very purpose, Albino Crows are also considered a symbol of purification. The white color of an Albino crow also symbolizes trust and honesty.


Albino Crows are intelligent creatures. They are smart enough, like ordinary crows to steal their food from large predators. 

8. Are Albino Crows Family-oriented?

Ordinary crows and albino crows are almost the same except for the gene mutation in Albino Crows. They are the same family-oriented birds. Albino Crows feed the female crows and their young ones in the nest.

Although they are family-oriented, they are still avoided by other crows in a flock, mainly because they sense that Albino Crows look different from them.

9. Are Albino Crows Blind?

Albino Crows, like other crows, are born with their eyes closed and naked. They are altricial by birth. This means that they are helpless by birth.

However, as they grow, they start developing skills that allow them to see and gradually be able to take care of themselves.

10. How Can You Identify an Albino Crow?


When it comes to assessing Albinism in crows, the colors of the feathers can be deceptive. Leucistic crows also have a cluster of white feathers in most parts of the body, with slight streaks of color on the underpart of their tails, or a paler plumage than the usual crows

If you see a white crow, look closely at the bird’s eye to know whether it’s an Albino species. The rosy pink eyes, which lack pigmentation, mirror the blood vessels in the eye, making them a reliable indication of Albinism.

11. What Is The Lifespan Of An Albino Crow?


Usually, a crow lives for 7-8 years, but the lifespan of Albino Crows is slightly different from them. Since these birds are like 1 in 10000, identifying their lifespan is tricky. However, due to several health factors and gene mutation, it is believed that Albino Crows do not live for long.

12. Does a Male or Female Albino Crow Build the Nest?

No such differentiation is found to be present among Albino Crows. The female and male crows both build the nest together. But male crows are found to be more active in building the nest. Females crows sit in it for the incubation period for the production of the offspring.

13. How Are Albino Crows Born?

Albino species are known to be born as a consequence of a genetic mutation. However, this mutation in the genes may occur only if both the male and female parents have recessive albino genes, resulting in the offspring possessing these genes.

Albinos inherit these recessive genes from both parents, resulting in Albinism being the dominant characteristic, as seen by the bird’s appearance.


Keep Reading!

Albino Crows are beautiful white-colored birds. Though they are rarely spotted, knowing more about them helps add to the knowledge of a passionate birdwatcher.

The post above answered some of the frequently asked questions pertaining to Albino Crows. Unlike many other crow species, Albino Crows are indeed a rare sight, and due to Albinism, their survivability is affected as their vision is not strong, and their plumage is white, attracting predators with great ease.

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By David A. Swanson

Bird Watching USA

My name is David and I'm the the founder of Bird Watching USA! I started Bird Watching with My father-in-law many years ago, and I've become an addict to watching these beautiful creatures. I've learnt so much over about bird watching over the years that I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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David A. Swanson Picture

David A. Swanson

Bird Watching USA

My name is David and I'm the the founder of Bird Watching USA! I started Bird Watching with My father-in-law many years ago, and I've become an addict to watching these beautiful creatures. I've learnt so much over about bird watching over the years that I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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